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Veterans Professional Placement Network

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Mission: Veterans Professional Placement Network is offering interested employers an opportunity to drive down Veteran Unemployment and accelerate Shelby County's economic recovery by leveraging a tremendous American resource. VPPN at its core is an economic investment initiative to re-capitalize the workforce in Shelby County's economy. Employers can pledge to meet current and future hiring and retention needs through the employment of Veterans and transitioning Guardsmen and Reservists in Shelby County. This program is for organizations who desire to improve their business performance through improved workforce productivity and believe re-capitalizing their workforce with Veterans should be part of that effort.

Scope: The overall scope of this effort is to make Shelby County a model of economic development by creating a community-wide approach that will leverage these proven men and women and reduce Veteran Unemployment. The VPPN certification process is designed for employers who want to hire and retain veterans. Our focus is on EMPLOYERS, Veterans, and economic development in Shelby County. 1 Company – 1 Job – 1 Vet at a time.

Purpose: To aid and incentivize Shelby County employers who are committed to making veterans a part of their overall talent acquisition and retention strategy. Participation is totally voluntary, completely positive, and has no pejorative nature. Employers may enter and leave the program at any time and for any reason.

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